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Xu Ziying surprised a moment, which is determined after the sound from the mouth of his sister, joyful hearts, when even ran out, soon will end over a bowl of water, Xu took the basil, but this was her first bite and spit it out. In addition to the mother and two sisters surrounding faint sobbing sound is not cut jeers, beaten girl looked timid afraid to stand up for their own biological mother say a word, his face white as a sheet of slow slow gash touch such as opium, poppy-like Dan Xiao, then slowly closed his eyes. That left the rest of gruel Can we eat." Is less than half the time of incense in the past, this time Liu Xu was getting mad, the big treasure hand twisted ears, making money hand twisted Xu ear crackling condemn. Wholesale NFL Jerseys,Cheap NFL Jerseys,Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping,Cheap NFL Jerseys authentic ""It must have been my grandmother holding a magnifying glass rice several good bar." With an insolent laughter came, Xu basil realized I was now not only lying on the floor, and his mouth a mouth full of mud, black pig and bird at the moment is looked up, looked at her triumphantly.

- O ." Shut the door, Xu basil gave two sisters eating, and left a three buns to Yu, after three people accountable doubled happily eat. The next day, Xu basil got up early, they went out to see their daily door is not no second door step sister-wear to the nines in one hand and a freshly cooked eggs sitting in front of the peel, and that to the whole crushing eggshells main room lost, but lost two eggshell everywhere. After all, could not stand, it is said: "Tetra-several of us used to it, you have to work in the fields, if the delay down to business will not eat it?" Although her words against Xu Qiang said, you can also pass on to say, after all this, if Xu Qiang collapse under the body, which is not the main home to the bone, and this is where things have to be placed, so that Liu s can not be earthshaking." Xu also told the basil Xu Qiang, is carrying a basket and then walked toward the depths of the woods.

, And she knew Liu outsole Which shop to sell this veil, is walking around the bazaar the other end. This article Meier's youngest son and three daughters Yu this same month born the same day, but this treatment is a day at a time, and I do not know what made this more than sin, but why it is still a third daughter autistic . " Liu Wen Meier one this talk, immediately grin, said the students went to the kitchen and turned eh, Xu basil Ganna her head Fengyun worthless promise, memory, this text has never been so positive towards Meier go through the kitchen. And so it happens that their past is to learn traditional Chinese medicine, although not say how deep attainments, but all day to follow the old man kind of medicine herbs, has been recognized for thousands of Chinese herbal medicine, not to mention, she specializes in the health of this one, but in this era, it appears to be no female doctors so that if their own to gather herbs and sell them when the monster will not be viewed. Moreover, Xu basil is a jinx, father and mother would have wanted her dead, this height is to give her crippled and killed, the family would not blame her.


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